Mindful Experiments in Clay and Mixed Metals

I began my online journey with Mindful Matters Jewelry in January 2010 after working with polymer clay for so long that I had an ever-growing collection of pieces just begging for new homes. Numerous friends and strangers often commented on my latest designs and suggested that they would be great, unique gifts. Once I discovered Etsy (...and after many trials and tribulations with jewelry photography), my little venture started to take shape.

The underlying theme of my work is the use of humble materials to design uniquely beautiful wearable art pieces that are affordable. I love working with clay and mixed metals not only to unleash my creativity - but as a vehicle to practice "mindfulness" or the state of truly being in the moment. With the hectic workday routine and our culture's emphasis on multi-tasking, appreciating the present moment can be a rare treat.

I have been fortunate to participate in workshops with some of the best polymer clay artists on the planet (...maybe the universe?) including Donna Kato, Sarah Shriver, Ronna Sarvas Weltman, Christi Friesen, Laura Tabakman, Carol Simmons and others - it is a privilege to see how these generous and talented artists work. Through my Etsy shop, I find it exciting to help raise awareness of Polymer Clay as a jewelry medium so that others can discover the magic of its many colors and textures!

Diane @ Mindful Matters Jewelry Design
[Note: Photo collage is a tribute to Andy Warhol - we share(d) the same birthday]

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING POLYMER CLAY: If you are new to polymer clay - it is an extremely versatile, durable and lightweight material. My personal collection of clay jewelry looks amazing even after years of frequent wear.

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